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Standard PVC Roll

Standard grade clear PVC is a high performance, flexible extrusion made specifically for strip curtain and impact door applications. Due to the performance requirements a UV stabiliser is incorporated in the formulation.

Complete traceability and lot identification of all components are maintained.

Technical Specifications

Specification Test Method Typical value
Shore A Hardness
ASTM D-2240
Specific Gravity
ASTM D-792
Tensile Strength, psi
ASTM D-638
Elongation %
ASTM D-638
100% Modulus, psi
ASTM D-638

Product Properties

  • Transparent with blue tint
  • Working temperature range -15°C to + 40°C
  • Hardness 80° Shore A
  • Noise insulation > 35dB (Depending on thickness)


Available sizes

100mm x 1.2mm
100mm x 2mm
100mm x 3mm

150mm x 2mm
150mm x 3mm

190mm x 2mm
200mm x 2mm

200mm x 3mm
200mm x 4mm


300mm x 2mm
300mm x 3mm
300mm x 4mm
300mm x 5mm

380mm x 2.5mm
380mm x 3mm
380mm x 4mm

400mm x 2mm
400mm x 2.5mm
400mm x 3mm
400mm x 4mm
400mm x 5mm




Standard PVC Door Strip
Smooth standard grade pvc

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